Datacenter Transformation

Infrastructure Solutions

Building a robust foundation for your business

Digitalization is constantly changing the way businesses operate and flourish. This digital era is thriving companies to streamline their infrastructure to stay ahead of the competitive environment. Currently business demands more from your IT infrastructure, and therefore Intsacloudxs is geared to future-proof your core applications and infrastructure by offering ultra-modern IT solutions for the post-pandemic requirements.

Technologies are converging in the digital age and the incredible opportunities this creates a drool-worthy. At Intsacloudxs, we have a 360 degree and integrated approach towards core modernization to experience technological evolution to the next level, which helps in reimagining your IT infrastructure.

The end-to-end Infra services at Intsacloudxs offer the much-needed expertise, talent, and tools to create, run, and manage next-generation IT architecture. We work in collaboration with our customers to attain excellence in IT services, maximize the efficiency of investment, and brings about right-fit technology to enable the business transformation

Dc Managed Services

Client and their Business Need

The client is one of the premier shipping lines in India, owns, and operates around one-third of the Indian tonnage, and has operating interests in practically all areas of the shipping business, servicing both natural and international trades.

Intsacloudxs Solution

  • Intsacloudxs end-to-end DC Infra support services
  • In house tool for ticket management
  • On-site and Off-site service desk
  • On-site resource for DC Infra supports
  • OEM back aligned and Intsacloudxs delivered device uptime support
  • Shared resources services for office locations
  • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly reviews

Business Results

  • High quality IT services for business-critical DC Infra
  • Customer relieved from day-to-day transactions and operations
  • DC asset lifecycle support
  • Uptime availability and continual improvements
  • Business continuity and availability support
  • Smooth business operations
Data Center Transformation

Shifts in data center transformation strategies and projects were unavoidable over the last year, as companies, employees, and IT organizations responded to the dynamic demands presented by the coronavirus pandemic. Acceleration in the public cloud and SaaS adoption and migrations are key areas of focus for organizations in the coming year. Intsacloudxs visibility can help throughout these transitions to ensure the quality user experience is maintained throughout the life of the project. ​

  • Monitoring before, during, and after application and workload transitions to cloud and co-Los to ensure availability and agility of migrations​
  • Performance analysis of new SaaS applications to assure quality end-user experience​
  • Mitigate troubleshooting complexity across multi-cloud environments to reduce MTTR

Intsacloudxs Solution

  • We had proposed a dedicated setup for TOS Application Tier.
  • Database Tier has been proposed in Oracle SPARC T7-1 Servers along with Oracle VM for SPARC(Hypervisor), Oracle RAC
  • Supporting and Related Applications has been consolidated in VMware Setup + Dell Servers
  • SAN Solution is built with Oracle ZFS ZS3-2 Storage and Redundant Brocade SAN Switches (16 Gbps Across)
  • Back-Up Solution has been proposed with Commvault Simpana and Oracle SL150 Tape Library
  • Core Routing, DC Core Switching Solution from Cisco
  • Link Load Balancing Solution from Fortinet
  • DC Network Security with ASA with Firepower Services from Cisco as Internal DC Firewall and External with Proxy & Internal DMZ Firewall from Fortinet.

Business Results

  • Centralized and Highly Scalable IT Infrastructure Solution
  • Highly Available Solution reducing business impact (Even Migration has been done with minimal downtime),
  • Layered, Resilient, Secured & Highly available Core Network Solution
  • Complete Control and Visibility of Infrastructure,
  • Ease of Management & Centralized Management

Managed Services

Managed services are an outsourcing practice that includes offerings like maintenance, repair, IT solutions, etc. Intsacloudxs because the Managed service provider offers a bouquet of offerings that encompass Network Administration, Data Backup, Network Security, Communications, and IT Support.

Managed services offer consistent and 24/7 monitoring to prevent system disasters or downtime. additionally, those offerings additionally assist to control and keep away from expensive downtime through devoted remote tracking, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Datacenter Migration

True to its mission and values, Intsacloudxs affords world-class Enterprise Data Center Solutions subsidized by complete lifecycle support to ensure lower costs of ownership. We have the capabilities and understanding to design, deploy, and aid any form of Enterprise-Class DC Infrastructure Solutions.

Green IT Transformation Solutions

We take a holistic view throughout servers, storage, and networks, allowing us to offer an optimized data center that efficiently shares and dynamically aligns sources to meet the ever-changing software demands. Intsacloudxs has a big understanding withinside the following variety of Green & Smart IT Solutions:

  • Consolidation & Virtualization Solution & Services
  • Integrated / Engineered Systems Solutions
  • Hyper-Converged Infra / Software-Defined Data Centre Solution
  • All-Flash Storage Solution (SSA’s)
  • On-Premise Private Cloud Solutions

Information Management Solutions

In today’s enterprise environment, information is the key. Managing the plethora of records is a complicated challenge for businesses and it additionally leaves the company quite vulnerable. Intsacloudxs has established understanding and enjoy with a massive deployment base withinside the following answer stack:

  • Backup and Recovery Solutions
  • Archival Solutions,
  • Storage Management Solutions

Business Continuity Solutions

Depending upon enterprise and technical requirements, there may be a extensive range of Business Continuity and Availability Solutions presented with the aid of using generation answer providers. Intsacloudxs, being a long-time participant in IT offerings, offers those solutions:

  • Infrastructure Availability Solutions
  • Data Availability & Replication Solutions
  • IT Resilience Orchestration Automation Solutions

Database & Middleware Application Service

Database & Middleware are the backbone and nerve of IT that run the enterprise. Business applications are depending on the availability and overall performance of both. Intsacloudxs affords the first-class industry-specific practices and subject matter expertise to cope with demanding situations around Database and Middleware on a 24X7 foundation and permit you to obtain your financial, operational, and staffing goals.

Our Technology Delivery Models

  • Onsite
  • Remote
  • Hybrid

Audit, Consulting & Professional Services

All of the above Infra Solutions requires meticulous planning with project management and a dedicated skilled workforce for deploying the desired solution. Our professional services include pre-project assessment and planning, implementation, post-implementation evaluation, and ongoing production support. Our Audit, Consulting & Professional Services include but are limited to:

  • Datacenter IT Infrastructure deployment services
  • Workload Migration Services
  • ITSM Tool Deployment Services
  • Service Automation & Self-Healing

Intsacloudxs follows an end-to-end lifecycle approach as our engagement model with our clientele. This includes multiple phases of the engagement. Our customer touchpoint commences with consulting activity and assessment of customer’s current environment followed by presenting to our customers the gap analysis with reference to the current global best practices.